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At the July 19, 2002 AAUW NC board meeting, President Laura Rumbley appointed a task force to explore how the branches and the AAUW NC board can better communicate and work together. The task force named itself the "ReConnection Committee" and formulated a set of six goals. At the Fall 2002 board meeting, the goals were approved by the board and each one was adopted by at least two champions. At the Spring 2003 board meeting those people were asked to report their progress at the Summer 2003 board meeting.

Goals and Champions

  1. Implement a plan to set goals for AAUW NC that are publicized to the branches and affect "programming" in a broad sense. Mary Fran Schickedantz (Greensboro), Joanne Hill (Jacksonville Regional)

  2. Make changes to the standard practices of the AAUW NC board to make it a more efficient and effective organization, one that people will want to join. Joanne Hill (Jacksonville Regional), Sandra Abromitis (Asheville), Nancy Shoemaker (Raleigh/Wake County)

  3. Improve the content at state meetings (convention and summer conference) to be more attractive to more branch members. Grace Knechtel (Raleigh/Wake County), Clara Allen (Chapel Hill). Summer 2003 Report

  4. Provide more face-to-face contact between AAUW NC board members and branch members. Pat Abell (Statesville), Marty Folsom (Statesville), Bobbie Edmisten (Statesville). Summer 2003 Report; Fall 2003 Report.

  5. Implement a process to identify expertise among the branch members and disseminate that to AAUW NC board members. Lill Van Order (Wilmington), Phyllis Guberman (Wilmington) Summer 2003 Report

  6. Reevaluate the structure of AAUW NC to support changes that improve the capacity to address the mission. Karla Atkinson (Brevard), Joanne Hill (Jacksonville), Nancy Shoemaker (Raleigh/Wake County). Fall 2003 Motion. Spring 2004 report. Fall 2004 survey. Winter 2005 retreat discussion

Thanks to the following who have served as champions but are no longer actively involved in this effort: Lee Luebbe (Hendersonville)

Where are we now?

Nancy Shoemaker has been tasked with coordinating progress on all the goals.

How to learn more

The ReConnection "Champions" are starting to work on their separate pieces, but, obviously there will be some overlap. An e-mail list has been established, aauwnc-rcc@rtpnet.org, to facilitate communication about the goals. If you want to sign up to help, or just want more information, send a message to the list or to AAUW NC president, Joanne Hill.

At the Triangle Cluster meeting on April 24, 2004, Doris Bernlohr and Nancy Shoemaker gave a presentation about the ReConnection process. Slides, Handout. [See also an article addressing some related issues by Ruth Sweetser, AAUW-IL.]

You can also check out the original report of the committee and other reports listed on the left above as they become available, including a report on finances.

Please report any updates to the lists of those working on the various goals to aauwnc@rtpnet.org so this page can be updated and send any notes with other suggestions to president@aauwnc.org.




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