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This information is from annual financial reports in the Tar Heel News. It has been compiled for the benefit of the ReConnection process. If you want the spreadsheet with the data that generated these charts, please contact aauwnc@rtpnet.org.

Income vs. Expenses

Until 2000-2001, the "carry forward" was included in the budgeted income. The figures for this chart have been adjusted to delete the "carry forward" which accounts for the discrepancy between the budgeted income and expenses in the first two years. These totals have also been adjusted to remove any amounts taken from the reserve and any income or expenses associated with the publication of the AAUW NC history in 2001-2002.

Note that in 03-04, the income budget and actuals were fairly close, while we continued to spend about 1/3 less than budgeted. This was, then, the first year in recent memory that income significantly exceeded expenses.

ChartObject Chart 1


Dues were raised from $8 to $11 on July 1, 2002. Since many of the renewals are paid before July 1, and there was a 4% drop in membership (see Membership Report), this had little effect on the amount collected in dues for 2002-2003. In 03-04 that dues increase finally shows up.

ChartObject AAUW NC Dues

Where does the money go?

Subtracting some items that are small parts of the budget or where there has been some consistency or little discretionary spending, here is a picture of where the money has been spent. The "committees" aggregate includes all officers and chairs except for the president and the newsletter. The "Admin" line item was split into "housing for state meetings" and "travel to state meetings" in the 03-04 budget.

ChartObject Chart 5

Note that in 02-03 the income and expenses are about in balance, but the "president's expenses" were about $900 less than in recent years. In 03-04 we actually reversed the recent trend and had a net gain for the year.


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