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Summer 2003


  • Page 1: The person on the far right of the middle picture is Tina Ewing, president of Raleigh/Wake County, the host branch.
  • Page 3: The registration fee for the summer conference is $12, not $10 and includes lunch on Saturday. The $6.00 Deli Buffet is for dinner Friday evening before the board meeting. See the registration form in the Events section of the web site for corrected information
  • Page 6: The 2003-2004 budget printed was not the one passed on April 5. See the Documents section of this web site for the 2003-2004 AAUW NC Budget.
  • Page 7: There were some misleading statements in the "Vote to Deny Resolution" article. Laura Rumbley has posted a clarification to the AAUW NC e-mail list and more information will be available at the summer meeting and, perhaps, in a later issue of the Tar Heel News. For more information on Same Day Registration, see democracy-nc.org. For more information on AAUW NC's policies and procedures for handling resolutions, see our Policy Statement().

Other notes

Magdalena Maiz-Pena's keynote address at the AAUW NC Convention. See the Convention section of the web site for a complementary discussion of the other information in this issue.

The 2002 EF report is available online.

More info on the Summer Meetings is available online.

Online version of AAUW NC at Women's Advocacy Day.

Mary Jo Pribble will be acting Resolutions Chair until approximately Jan. 1.

A report from SAR Director Ronnie Williams () is online, covering some of the same material as the article on page 7.





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