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Here are the details on the Membership Workshop presented at the AAUW NC Summer Leadership Conference, July 20, 2002, High Point University.


Sue Metz, smetz@triad.rr.com,
Membership VP, AAUW NC
Nancy Shoemaker,shoemaker@acm.org,
Member, AAUW Program Development Committee

Contact one of them for information on the flow of the workshop or suggestions on how to present part of the workshop for your branch or your board or if you want the "source" for any of the materials. See also www.aauw.org where a slightly different version of this workshop and an additional workshop are available.


The workshop consisted of two 45-50 minute sessions. A "prelude" discussed why it was important to "sell" AAUW and provided information from the 2000 Marketing survey and the 2001-2002 Every Member Survey. Board members were given that information the evening before the workshop and were asked to come prepared to answer the question "Why am I active in AAUW? What's in it for me?" and several made comments to start off the workshop.

The first session was devoted to "Nuts and Bolts": Membership Discounts, other Membership Options and Programming Ideas. The second session was devoted to "Tips and Tricks": how to build a booth to present AAUW effectively, how to "work the booth" to provide appropriate information to prospects.

The sample booths prepared by Sue Metz were the highlight of the workshop: check out the pictures of the booths!


Booklet (53K)
     Booklet Cover (9K) - but feel free to make your own.
Slides (page numbers refer to booklet)
     PDF (73K)

Handouts and additional information
     Membership Information (11K)
     Transitions Conference Information (13K)
         Chapel Hill Branch's Conference
     Woman to Woman Information (10K)
         W2W around the country
     Voter Ed Information (100K)

When "working a booth" you will need to give attendees local contact information. You can use your computer to print labels or business cards with AAUW NC and/or your branch information. Here are the templates that were used to produce the examples in the branch packets. These are Microsoft Word documents, and they are all set up with cross reference links. This means that you can change the information by changing the text in the upper left hand cell. Then "select all" and hit F9 to update the information in the other cells.
     AAUW NC labels (Avery 8460 - 1"x2 5/8", 541K)
     AAUW NC Business Cards (Avery 8871, 194K)
     AAUW Business Cards for an individual (Avery 8871, 252K)
     See the AAUW Style Guide for more information.


The Marketing Workshop, www.mwshop.com, for the AAUW market research. Results were presented at the AAUW SAR Conference, June 2002.

Every Member Survey

Much of the information in the workshop was part of a packet provided by the AAUW Membership Department which, in turn, was based in part on a workshop at the 2001 Convention in Austin - "Don't Sell Your Branch Short -- But Do Sell it!". Additional details were provided by Barbara Hyle, AAUW MA.

For complete credits see page 2 of the booklet.


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