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Sample Booths



Here are the booth examples displayed at the AAUW NC Leadership Conference, July 20, 2002. Use these pictures as inspiration -- be sure to share your own successes by submitting pictures to the Tar Heel News and bringing them (or the booths!) to the AAUW NC Convention next April.

General Booth:

Fabric remnant draped over a tri-fold board.
Balloons - don't inflate them the day before
"Posterized" versions of the fronts of the brochures.
Plastic brochure holders
Boxes under the fabric to add height.

Voter Ed Booth:
Red/white/blue items from dollar store near the 4th of July.
Blue tri-fold as backdrop.

Items from home for a friendly, cozy feel.
Color scheme based on the brochure.
Plant, lamp, set of books.
Wrapped boxes, lamp add height.

More on the Workshop at AAUW NC Summer Leadership


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