American Association of University Women NC
Summer Board Minutes
UNC-TV Raleigh, North Carolina
July 30, 2005 9 AM

Branches Present/Representation:
Chapel Hill/J. Green
Gaston Regional/S. Fink
Greensboro/L. Sarkis
Jacksonville Regional/S. Jenkins and E. Lynge
Raleigh/Wake/E. Lumsdon
Sandhills/Southern Pines/L. McCarthy
Statesville/B. Edmisten
Wilmington/J. Gilbert (member of Sandhills/Southern Pines)
Winston-Salem/E. Morris

Officers and Committee Chairs Present: J. Hill, J. Atkinson, E. Mercer (Charlotte), M. Hoffler-Foushee, K. Atkinson (Brevard), R. Bradke (Hendersonville), L. Jackson, N. Shoemaker, MF Schickedantz, BA Hughes, M. Stephens (High Point president), Q. Thompson (Charlotte), and LD Howard (for L. Ward)

Other participants: Chalane Jones, member-at-large from Durham, Sue Williamson, member of Sandhills/Southern Pines.

President Joanne Hill called the meeting to order at 9:12 AM. She thanked everyone for taking time on a weekend to attend the meeting. She thanked members of the Raleigh/Wake branch for their hospitality and Janet Weber’s husband for making the arrangements to meet at UNC-TV. Esther Lumsdon of the Raleigh/Wake Branch welcomed the group.

Those attending were asked to introduce themselves, identify their branch and indicate if they were officially representing a branch. These introductions served to call the roll. No coalition representatives were in attendance.

Karla Atkinson, Secretary, moved that the minutes of the April 15, 2005 Spring Board Meeting in Asheville be approved. These minutes were approved by consensus.

A reading committee was appointed, including Lou Dean Howard, Swannetta Fink and Sandy Jenkins.

Lou Dean Howard, substituting for Parliamentarian Lois Ward, read the meeting rules which were adopted.

Some changes were made to the agenda: Additional minutes were allocated for committee reports. “Mini Grants” were added to New Business.

President’s Report - Joanne Hill
Joanne apologized for not having an agenda prepared in advance of the meeting. She asked those who had attended Association Convention in June to share one highlight of their experiences at convention. These highlights included:

Lumsdon: workshop on preventing volunteer burnout
Thompson: panel on diversity; discussion on monitoring fiscal compliance with Perkins Act
Shoemaker: involvement in campaign to change membership requirements; relation of that campaign to the discussions on Lobby Day with Senator Burr
Mercer: good ideas for a parliamentarian
Schickedantz: development of the theme for convention and future email contacts
Hoffler-Foushee: how to use coalitions to increase visibility through publicity
Blanton: passage of new membership requirements
Weber: behind-the-scenes look as a volunteer and how to maximize votes on issues
Hughes: visits with elected officials

The next Association Convention will be held in Phoenix, AZ from June 29 through July 2, 2007. The SAR Convention will be held in Birmingham, AL in 2006.

Treasurer’s Report - Millie Hoffler-Foushee
Millie distributed three financial statements which compared actual expenses with budget figures for 2004-2005. She also reviewed the 2006 budget which was approved at the April Board meeting. She noted that this past year AAUW NC operations were running in the black and urged Board Members to continue with sound fiscal planning. This financial information has been posted on the AAUW NC web site.

Millie reviewed the policy for mileage reimbursement for Board Officers and Chairs and reminded Board Members that they must submit a form to be reimbursed. Those not taking a reimbursement were asked to submit this information and credit it as a donation to AAUW NC.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as filed for audit.

Program Report - Judy Atkinson
Judy asked several Board Members to meet during lunch to discuss the theme for Spring Convention in New Bern. The Convention is scheduled from March 29 through April 2, 2006. She has a copy of the white paper on the new AAUW theme “Education as a Gateway to Economic Security” which might be helpful in planning. In response to Judy’s request for more guidance in planning the Fall Board Meeting in Chapel Hill on October 29, the Fall Board Meeting item was placed under New Business on today’s agenda.

Membership Report - Evelyn Mercer
Evelyn reported that rules to clarify the new membership requirements should soon be announced to the membership. She reminded Board Members of the Give a Grad a Gift, Shape the Future, and guest referral efforts by Association to assist local branches with recruiting new members. She suggested that all new members become involved in a committee and be partnered/mentored with a branch member. She offered to divide the list of Members-At-Large in NC among branch representatives who were present at the meeting.

She suggested that AAUW NC identify some way to recognize 50 year members at State Convention each year. She would like to identify one person in each cluster who can meet during lunchtime today to discuss other programs to recognize branches for retaining and increasing their membership.

Finance Committee Report - Joann Hall
No report was given. The Finance Committee consists of Joanne Hall, Bobbie Edmisten, Millie Hoffler-Foushee and Nancy Shoemaker.

Diversity Report - Queen Thompson
Queen stressed the importance of educating ourselves on diversity issues and recommended that branches have a monthly study group to look at such issues. As an example she suggested that a branch could host an international tea and bring people of diverse backgrounds together.

She reiterated that AAUW NC should develop a diversity platform or mission. Queen tied the new membership requirements to the importance of having AAUW visibility on two-year college campuses.

Educational Foundation - Rusty Bradke
The basket raffle at State Convention in April netted $400. Branches have been credited with their contributions to the raffle. This event will probably be repeated at the 2006 State Convention in New Bern. She noted that several branches have not appointed an EF representative but should do so as soon as possible.

She distributed leaflets which explained the Anne Chipley American Fellowship which still needs more funds to reach its $100,000 goal and encouraged branches to designate funds for this fellowship. Rusty will send an email to all branches to encourage such support.
A note in the TAR HEEL NEWS could highlight this and other North Carolina-related fellowships which need continued funding support, including the Charlotte Branch’s efforts. [Updated version of leaflet]

College University Relations Report - Lola Jackson
Lola underscored the importance of AAUW being visible on two-year campuses in light of the new membership requirements.

LAF Report - Nancy Shoemaker for Lil VanOrder
Nancy reviewed the various options for supporting LAF. Sylvia Newman quilt pins and $100 donation pins are given to LAF donors.

Federal Public Policy Report - Mary Stephens
Mary reviewed online information from Association that discusses the upcoming judicial nomination process and potential candidates. She noted that the High Point branch has been quite successful in organizing local talks on this process. She thanked Mary Peterson for her help in “getting out the PP word” in light of Stephen’s quest to finish her PhD.

State Public Policy Report - Barbara Ann Hughes
Barbara summarized the success of efforts to pass legislation which would significantly curb the sale of soda, snacks and other junk food in public schools. She also noted new legislative requirements for public schools to provide more physical activity for students. Medicaid cuts for special populations were not passed.

21st Century Recognition Report - Mary Fran Schickedantz
Mary Fran moved her report to later in the day, after small group work discussing this issue would be completed.

Appointed Board Vacancies - Joanne Hill
Joanne reported that she would like to fill four vacancies on the Board: cluster coordinator, bylaws chairperson, corresponding secretary/housing coordinator and historian.
Three members stepped up to accept positions:

Bylaws Chairperson: Swannetta Fink (Gaston Regional)
Corresponding Secretary/Housing Coordinator: Evelyn Lynge (Jacksonville Regional)
Historian: Sandy Jenkins (Jacksonville Regional)

Sandhills/Southern Pines questioned the need for a Cluster Coordinator (and the relevance of clusters in general) which prompted a short discussion. This issue was moved to New Business on the day’s agenda for more discussion at the request of Lois McCarthy.

President Hill detailed the format for the early afternoon discussions. Four groups were formed to discuss and make recommendations: (1) new AAUW NC Board structure, (2) Strategic Planning emphasis on ReConnection Goal I, (3) other goals and strategies from the strategic plan, and (4) 21st Century Recognition Program. These groups summarized and made recommendations:

New Board Structure Discussion Report - Karla Atkinson
This group studied the current committee within the Board structure. A motion “to accept the Board Structure recommended by the study group and charge the Bylaws/Policies Committee to align the Polices to reflect this structure” was offered, seconded, and approved. (See attachment to the minutes for the proposed committee and appointed officer structure.)

ReConnection Goal I - Mary Fran Schickedantz
Mary Fran reported that the group had developed strategies and dates for a state wide focus on “encouraging girls and women to be life long learners.” The motion “that the AAUW NC statewide focus for 2005-2007 be/is ‘Actively Encouraging Women and Girls to be Lifelong Learners’ ” was offered, seconded, and approved.

21st Century Recognition Report - Chalane Jones
Chalane’s group recommended that AAUW NC adopt a point system for recognizing branches’ accomplishments. She reviewed the structure which Association had used in the past to acknowledge branches’ accomplishments and recommended AAUW NC adopt a same/similar approach for recognizing branches, using four categories (platinum, gold, silver and bronze). The names of the members of highest-earning branches could be put into a hat and a winner drawn to receive a special prize. By consensus, the Board decided that this idea merited further discussion. Karla Atkinson, Esther Lumsdom, Queen Thompson and Mary Stephens agreed to join Chalane in further discussion of this approach.

The group strongly recommended that AAUW NC participate this year in Association’s recognition program.

Other goals/strategies from the strategic planning session - Lola Jackson
This study group discussed several possibilities. They underscored the need to define diversity and educate the membership on diversity efforts. One possible fundraising idea was a pin which would reflect the diversity of women in NC. The need to connect with graduate schools (like Duke) to promote AAUW membership was highlighted, as well as efforts to continue collaboration with business and educational institutions. For more visibility, the group suggested a videotape that would introduce AAUW NC to broad audiences. Public service announcements were also listed as a good way to become visible in communities. This group will continue its work at the Fall Board Meeting by assigning steps and timeframes to these ideas. [See list of Goals/Strategies developed at March meeting.]

Membership Report - Evelyn Mercer
Evelyn announced that she had identified a representative from each cluster who would be available to speak to other branches in that cluster about membership. These people include Mary Fran Schickedantz (Triad), Karla Atkinson (Mountain), Janet Weber (Sandhills/Triangle), Evelyn Lynge (SE Coastal) and Evelyn Mercer (Foothills). She announced a recognition program for branches that maintain and increase their membership from February 2005 through February 2006. The motion to “have AAUW NC acknowledge branches at the State Convention by giving a certificate to every branch that does not decrease the number of members during the year Feb. 1- Feb. 1 and give two special presentations (money) to the branch that has the largest member increase and the largest rate increase in membership” was offered, seconded, and approved.

Ann Chipley Fund
The motion “to have the AAUW NC Board strongly encourage all branches to designate some of their EF contributions to the Ann Chipley Fellowship (#4051)” was offered, seconded, and approved.

Mini Grant - Nancy Shoemaker
Nancy announced a new AAUW NC program to award mini grants to branches. She distributed draft information on the process that would be used to award these grants. The motion that “AAUW NC may award grants to the branches from AAUW NC funds in budget line item 2214, following a process approved by the Finance and Executive Committees” was offered, seconded, and approved.

Cluster Discussion - Lois McCarthy
Lois discussed her branch’s disappointment at having so few members
from other branches attend their cluster meeting. (In a related item, Hendersonville canceled the Mountain cluster meeting last year because of low registration.) The Board did not have adequate time to discuss this matter. Lois asked that the issue be outlined in the TAR HEEL NEWS to alert branches to the upcoming discussion this fall. The following motion was offered, seconded and approved: “It is the Sandhills/Southern Pines’ position that the cluster segment of AAUW NC be recognized as having served its purpose but no longer has an effective place in the yearly program; the cluster concept should be eliminated. It is strongly urged that any branch which is presenting a special event be encouraged to send notices, invitations and directions to surrounding branches. This matter shall be addressed at the 2005 Fall Board Meeting.”

Fall Board Meeting
The purpose of the Fall Board Meeting was discussed, as were fees to attend the meeting. It was the consensus of the group that the Board needed one more full-day meeting to finish its business, thereby eliminating any “leadership training” component or program for the fall meeting. The issue of how to train new branch and state officers needs continued discussion. The motion “that registration fees for the 2005 Fall Board meeting be waived for Board members or their proxies who pre-register, and be set at $10 for all others attending this meeting” was offered, seconded, and approved.

Durham Branch Recruitment Efforts
Chalane Jones, Member-At-Large from Durham, announced she will begin actively recruiting individuals to form a branch in the Durham area. The motion “to accept in principle that a branch in Durham is a good thing and to give presumptive approval to the formation of such a branch” was offered, seconded, and approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:48 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Karla Atkinson, Secretary

Approved: 29-Oct-2005
Last updated: 05-Feb-2006
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