American Association of University Women NC
Spring Convention Business Minutes
Clarion Crabtree Hotel, Raleigh, NC
April 5-6, 2003

President Laura Rumbley called the meeting to order and asked Secretary
Pat Abell to call the roll. A quorum was present.

The president acknowledged Mary Ellen Smyth, President of EF, and Beth
Norris, secretary of EF. Sylvia Newman, President of LAF, brought greetings
from Association. She announced that LAF had given out more than one million
dollars to over 75 plaintiffs in the past twenty years. She described types
of subtle discrimination and the efforts of LAF to erase them. Selection of
cases and determination of awards will be presented in a workshop at
convention in Providence. Two new cases have been adopted, one concerning
Title IX, which guarantees equal education for all schools that receive
federal funds. She suggested local branches investigate Title IX compliance
in local school districts. She also stated that sexual assault and gender
discrimination should be taught in K-12 schools, which would ultimately help
LAF fight to eliminate these issues on college and university campuses.

President Rumbley acknowledged the past presidents.

Secretary Pat Abell distributed the minutes, which were approved. A
reading committee consisting of Mary Jo Pribble, Hendersonville; Mary Fran
Schickedantz, Greensboro; and Esther Muench, Gaston Regional, was appointed.

Credentials Committee Chair JO Gilbert reported that there were 66
voters, 18 board members, 29 branch delegates, 16 branch presidents, and 4
alternates, and 4 past presidents present. The report was adopted.

Parliamentarian Lou Howard gave the Rules of Order, which were adopted.

The agenda was approved.

Treasurer Bobbie Edmisten presented her report. The report was filed
for audit.

Program Vice President Grace Knechtel expressed her appreciation for
the local Convention Committee's attention to details to make the convention
run smoothly. She thanked Gloria Blanton for her work in obtaining door
prizes, which would be awarded on Sunday.

Membership Vice President Sue Metz was unable to be present. A
membership workshop to encourage new members is available on line for branch

Nominating Committee - Chair Lill Van Order presented Joanne Hill,
president elect; Mary Peterson, Program Vice President; and Mildred
Hoffler-Foushee, Treasurer as the slate of officers. There were no other
nominations. After each candidate spoke the slate was elected by
acclamation. A Nominating Committee consisting of Sandra Abromitis,
Asheville; Phyllis Guberman, Wilmington; Delilah Donaldson, Raleigh; Lola
Jackson, Greensboro; and Jean Harrington, Chapel Hill, was elected. The
positions to be filled next year are Membership Vice President and

Bylaws - Sandra Champion was unable to attend. Nancy Shoemaker and her
husband are proofing the Bylaws, which will be presented at Summer Board.

Educational Foundation - Mary Jo Pribble reported that the total
contribution to EF was $35,790.87. The complete report will be in the Tar
Heel News. Two education fellows were present at this convention along with
the EF President, Mary Ellen Smyth. Pribble asked branches for earlier
mailing of EF contributions to allow her to meet the January deadline. She
reminded members to bid on the Silent Auction items.

International Affairs - Shirley Quisenberry asked members to remember
that AAUW is a supporter of the UN. 85% of UN work is humanitarian. The
preamble of the UN Charter contains the writing of Virginia Gildersleeve. We
need to continue our support. A specific activity for members is to support
our participation in UNESCO and ask our NC congressmen to keep the line item
to pay dues in UNESCO in the budget.

Legal Advocacy Fund - Doris Bernlohr praised the group for the
contributions to LAF this weekend. $7,783 was the total donated this year,
an increase of over $2000. Bernlohr's goal has been to have all branches
contributing. Asheville had the most contributions while High Point gave the
most per member.

Public Policy State Issues - Barbara Ann Hughes told the members that
AAUW/NC is a member of NC Women United, one of 31 women's organizations.
Nancy Shoemaker has set up the website, Policy and position papers
may be obtained from Hughes. A statement was sent to legislators about the
issues important to NC women as decided in the Women's Agendas held in
various counties. Hughes emphasized the importance of defeating House Bill
432, which requires a social worker would have to be accompanied by an
officer of the law to enter a home and investigate child abuse cases.
Passage of this bill would hamper investigations. Senate bill 439 will
provide unemployment benefits to women even if they were a part time worker,
and should be supported.

Public Policy Federal Issues - Mary Peterson urged members to be aware
of budget trimming of domestic programs to finance the war and prevent a
large deficit. When contacting senators and congressmen, she asked that we
speak out for US membership in UNESCO. She outlined issues to watch, the No
child Left Behind Bill, Affirmative Action, Title IX, Health Care Access,
and Medicaid.

Resolutions - Elizabeth Laney explained the problem with the mailing
labels obtained from Association. A Resolution was adopted at the Fall Board
meeting and sent to Association. The result was a phone call from
Association and improved mailing labels. Laney read a resolution from
Democracy South, a group that lobbies for campaign reform. The resolution
(see attached copy) endorsed same day registration for NC. President Rumbley
thanked Laney for presenting the resolution and asked that discussion of the
resolution be delayed until all committee reports had been presented.

Diversity - Diane Caldwell quoted an inspiring poem.

Unfinished Business

President Rumbley explained for those who had not attended a state
board meeting that the board has done a great deal of work this year with
the establishment of the Reconnection Committee for the purpose of
supporting branch programming, and having more personal contact from the
board. All information is being placed on the website. Goals will be
established for the board to help build AAUW's mission locally. Coalitions
that we are involved in are NC Women United and NC Coalition on Aging,
represented by Barbara Ann Hughes and Helen Martikainen, respectively.

New Business

Millie Hoffler-Foushee presented the budget and moved that it be
accepted. Grace Knechtel asked that the budgeted amount for Program VP be
increased to $800. She also suggested a Bylaws change to add a 50-mile free
zone so that no one is paid for traveling within 50 miles of his or her
home. Joanne Hill talked about a suggestion to auction art objects on e-bay
as a fundraiser for the board. Clara Allen urged members to sell the history
books to raise money. Millie asked officers and chairs to notify the
treasurer if the budgeted amount is not used. She also asked if each
committee could do its own fundraising for projects. There is no state
fundraising committee. Joanne Hill showed the AAUW pen she was selling to
raise funds in addition to the state pin. The budget was adopted.

Elizabeth Laney presented the resolution of Democracy South to allow
same day registration on voting day. Shirley Quisenberry expressed her
concern that it would allow a small group to negatively influence the
outcome of an election. President Rumbley asked for a motion, made by Lib
Laney, and then reminded the group that we would speak pro/con. Mary
Peterson spoke for the resolution saying this would be a way to encourage
voter turnout. After continued discussion President Rumbley asked for a
motion to call for the question, continue discussion or table until the
business session on Sunday. Millie Hoffler-Foushee spoke against the
resolution because she wanted voters to have heard the issues rather than be
persuaded over the weekend before voting day. Lou Howard described observing
a precinct and seeing people try to vote. The voting judge allowed them to
vote and their vote was debated at the courthouse later. President Rumbley
asked if the group was ready to cease discussion. She asked for those
opposed to ceasing discussion and then announced the motion on the floor to
adopt this resolution. By voice vote the resolution was defeated.

Joanne Hill told the members that the 1-800 number is currently down
and we need to consider whether to continue the service.

President Rumbley read a note of praise for the Tar Heel News from the
Association Finance Vice President, .

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm until Sunday morning.

Business Minutes continued, Sunday, April 6, 2003

President Rumbley called the meeting to order at 9:10 am and introduced
the Reconnection Committee, Doris Bernlohr, Nancy Shoemaker, Kathleen
Mitchell, Lola Jackson, and Karla Atkinson (absent). She thanked them and
presented them with a small gift.

The outgoing officers, Bobbie Edmisten and Grace Knechtel, were thanked
for their outstanding jobs.

LaRonnia Williams said that she had never missed a NC/AAUW convention.
Her report is on the website including a list of Association related
programs and services. She had copies of a list of what members get for
Association dues. She reminded members to support SAR candidates for
Association offices. Puerto Rico has one branch now, and Williams had an
interesting visit there.

President Rumbley asked Mary Ellen Smyth to install the new officers.
She thanked the members for the warmth of their welcome. She challenged the
new officers to take this opportunity to serve, and to get the reward of
friendship and the knowledge of doing a good job.

Evelyn Mercer, Charlotte Branch President, invited the Board to the
2004 Convention, March 26-28, 2004, and showed a video, Think Charlotte. She
asked members to reserve rooms early.

President Rumbley asked members to sign a sheet if they were going to

Mary Fran Schickedantz gave the Membership report for Sue Metz.
Branches increasing membership were Bryson City, 12.5%; Charlotte, 14.5%;
Eden; Hendersonville, 5.5%; Twin Rivers, 11.5%; Wilmington, 8%;
Winston-Salem, 7%; and Brevard, 2.9%. She suggested branches try for 5%

Doris Bernlohr thanked the LAF chairs of the branches for their
fundraising efforts. The five branches that contributed the most were
Asheville, Hendersonville, Chapel Hill, Greensboro, and Brevard. The
branches that gave the most per capita were High Point, Jacksonville
Regional, Winston-Salem, Asheville, and Hendersonville.

Mary Jo Pribble presented Certificates for Contributions to EF. The
branches that gave the most were Brevard, Raleigh/Wake County, Wilmington,
Asheville, and Hendersonville. The branches giving the most per capita were
Brevard, Raleigh/Wake County, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, and Statesville.
The amount of money received from the silent auction was $291.

Doris Bernlohr reported that the LAF fundraiser total was $3,215.

Unfinished Business

Gloria Blanton, reporting on Board coalition membership, said that we
have been a member of the NC Literary and History Society for 50 years, NC
Women United for years, and Covenant for NC Children for years. We
have been members of NC Coalition for Aging and NC Voters for Clean
Elections for three years with no dues expense for the Board. Now dues will
be assessed. These dues have been included in the budget.

Joanne Hill explained that Sue Metz has questioned the need for the
1-800 number. Hill asked if the Board wants to continue to have an 800
number for prospective members to call. Study of the issue was given to the
Membership and Program VP's who are to report to the Summer Board.

Joanne Hill had collected $106 for sale of the NC pins, and suggested
the pins be sold at Association Convention.

The Association Directory will be ready in July.

New Business

Elizabeth Laney read a resolution commending the Raleigh/Wake County
Branch and Convention Committee and Cluster members for a successful
convention, and moved for its adoption. The motion was approved.

Announcements were made, door prizes were awarded, and the meeting was
adjourned at 10:45 am.

Pat Abell, Secretary

Approved: 27-Mar-2004
Last updated: 03-Apr-2004
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