American Association of University Women
North Carolina

Spring Convention Business Minutes

March 16, 2002
Marriott Hotel, Greensboro, NC

President Mary Jo Pribble called the meeting to order. The members were welcomed and the roll was called. The minutes were approved as printed. The appointed reading committee consisted of Doris Bernlohr, Lou Dean Howard, and Mary Fran Schickedantz.

The parliamentarian, Nelda Howell, read the Rules of Order and the agenda was adopted. Lou Howard gave the report from the Credentials Committee. There were ten elected and appointed officers, ten chairs of all standing committees and tasks forces, sixteen branch presidents, twelve past presidents, thirty-two branch delegates for a total of eighty voting members. Sixty-four percent of the branches were represented; three Association officers, fifty-two branch members, and eight guests were present for a total of one hundred and forty-three attendees.

The secretary, Pat Abell, read a letter of appreciation and report of achievement from the presidents of the Association, Educational Foundation, and Legal Advocacy Fund.

Program Vice President

Grace Knechtal said that planning for the convention had begun last July. Many people had helped. There was a reception for twenty-seven first timers. Raleigh is already beginning to plan for the convention next year. Planning has begun for the Summer Leadership Conference in July. Sue Metz will give a workshop on membership. Grace asked that evaluation forms for the convention be completed and returned.

Membership Vice President

Sue Metz reported that this was a well-attended convention. AAUW/N C currently has 1268 members, which was down from last yearís total of 1,383 members. Five branches had greater than five percent increase in membership, Asheville, Mooresville, Raleigh/Wake County, Statesville, and Twin Rivers. Two branches received honorable mention for slight growth, Brevard and Hendersonville. Sue asked that any discrepancies in membership totals from Association be reported to her.

Treasurerís Report

Sandra Abromitis, member of the Finance Committee, gave the Treasurerís report in the temporary absence of the Treasurer. The motion to adopt the report was approved.

Nominating Committee

Lill Van Order reported that current officers Sue Metz, Membership Vice President, and Pat Abell, Recording Secretary, had been asked to serve another term in their present offices. Both had accepted the nominations.

President Pribble asked that the matter of the dues increase be moved forward on the agenda. The motion was supported by a majority of the members. Sandra Abromitis presented information supporting the dues increased. Budget A was figured with no dues increase. Budget B was figured with a dues increase of $3 per member. She recommended the approval of Budget B. Sandra withdrew the motion to approve the budget and moved that the dues increase be approved. Mary Peterson asked if the dues would remain the same until July 1 when they would increase. President Pribble said,

"Yes, this was the wording used in the Tar Heel News." Some confusion arose over the amounts and items listed in the handouts of Budget A and Budget B.

Mary Fran Schickedantz asked for the members to pass the $3 increase, because it was needed to cover the expected expenses and keep the reserve intact.

President Pribble recognized a call for the question. The motion was approved by voice vote. The motion to raise the dues $3 was voted on by card vote and approved. A motion was made to postpone the vote for approval of the budget until the next morning when delegates would receive corrected copies of Budget A and Budget B. Treasurer Bobbie Edmisten would also be available to answer questions.


Alyce Lanier had looked at the Bylaws from each Branch except Cherokee, Franklin, Mooresville, Pembroke, Sandhills/Southern Pines, Tarboro, and Tryon Area. She asked that these Bylaws be sent to her for review. She had the High Point Bylaws, but she needed the date they were last amended.

International Affairs

Shirley Quisenberry told the members about the IFUW web site at .

Legal Advocacy Fund

Doris Bernlohr said that she had no report.

Public Policy

Barbara Ann Hughes said the legislature would return to Raleigh soon for the short session. She had been the AAUW representative to the Womenís United Coalition. She had AAUW position papers on many issues that she would share with members.


Elizabeth Laney read a resolution submitted by the International Affairs Workshop held Saturday morning as part of the convention. The resolution was made to reaffirm the resolution adopted in 1993 in support of the return of the United States into full and active membership in UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization). Shirley Quisenberry spoke in favor of the motion. She asked members to call their senators and talk to them about adoption of the Foreign Affairs Budget of the Federal Budget for 2002-2003. The motion was adopted.

Candidates for office Sue Metz, Membership Vice President, and Pat Abell, Recording Secretary, spoke to the members.

Open Forum

Lill Van Order thanked Clara Allen for a wonderful job on the new History of AAUW/NC.

President Pribble, realizing a vote for the slate of officers had been omitted, called for a motion. Lill Van Order moved that the candidates be accepted by acclamation. President Pribble asked for nominations from the floor. There were none. The motion that the candidates be accepted by acclamation was passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45PM until Sunday morning.

Business Session Continued, March 17, 2002

Mary Jo Pribble called the meeting to order. Bobbie Edmisten explained Budget A without dues increase and Budget B with dues increase. She moved for the adoption of Budget B. After some discussion Gloria Blanton made a motion to amend Budget B to authorize the Treasurer to use up to $3,225 from reserves as needed to supplement dues income so the total of the two would be $13,585. The amendment passed. A motion to cease discussion passed. The amended Budget B was approved by voice vote.

President Pribble asked the Association President Nancy Rustad to speak to the membership and conduct the installation of state officers. Laura Rumbley, President; Sue Metz, Membership Vice President; and Pat Abell, Secretary were installed with a meaningful ceremony.

Resolutions Chair Elizabeth Laney read a Courtesy Resolution commending the branches of the Triad Cluster, Greensboro, High Point, Alamance, Eden, and Winston-Salem Branches, for the fine convention. The Resolution was adopted.

President Pribble recognized the Board of Directors and had the officers and branch presidents stand. She announced that she had made a contribution to the American Fellows Program of the Educational Foundation in honor of the Board.

There was no New Business or Unfinished Business.


Virginia Roth asked for someone from each Branch to take 5 or 10 history books on consignment to prevent postage expense and reduce the number of books to be stored by Clara Allen.

Barbara Ann Hughes asked that members pick up any Public Policy information from her.

Clara Allen thanked members for the privilege of writing and editing the history book and asked members to sell copies.

Carolyn Taylor announced that refunds for the dinner theatre could be obtained from her.

LaRonnia Williams thanked members for her history book and asked that everyone sign it. She also thanked members for the basket of North Carolina items she found in her room.

Laura Rumbley asked for suggestions for state committee members. She commended Mary Jo Pribble for her mentoring throughout the last year and announced that monies from the Silent Auction would go to the Educational Foundation in honor of Mary Joís leadership as president of AAUW-NC during the last two years.

Gloria Blanton announced that she had the address of the Johnson sisters who were former editors and publishers of the NC State Newsletter and asked members to write them.

Mary Jo Pribble presented Laura Rumbley, newly installed State President, with a gift of a Calendar and the gavel with which she closed the meeting at 10 AM.

Pat Abell, Secretary

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