AAUW Spring
Board Minutes
March 30, 2001
Blockade Runner, Wrightsville Beach, NC

President Mary Jo Pribble called the meeting to order at 7:20PM.
Lill Van Order, president of the Wilmington Branch, welcomed board
members to the beach.

Two guests were introduced and welcomed, LaRonnia Williams, SAR
Director, and Ruth Sweetser, Leader on Loan.

Secretary Pat Abell called the roll. Twenty-five Board members were
present and nineteen branches were represented. A quorum was present.
The minutes were accepted as printed.
Parliamentarian: Nelda Howell, acting parliamentarian, gave the
Rules of Order based on Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.
Treasurer: Bobbie Edmisten presented the treasurer’s report. The
amount of income and expenditures were pointed out, because income would
not cover expenditures. The report was accepted. Bobbie presented the
report of the Finance Committee concerning the budget. Bobbie stated
that the dues budgeted were based on 1400 dues paying members. As of
Feb.1, there are 1380 members. The budget was cut severely to balance
it. Administrative costs have increased. To support our program money
would have to be taken from the reserves. The budget was adopted.
The Finance Committee proposed that the dues be increased from $8
to $13 to keep from using the reserve money to cover expenses. The
reserve money should cover one year’s expenses, and we are dipping into
the reserves, which will soon be depleted. The dues increase would be
voted on by the membership at the 2002 convention, and, if adopted, take
affect for the year 2002-03. After discussion the motion was tabled to
allow for additional study and discussion at the Summer Board meeting.
President’s Report: President Pribble gave several thought
provoking quotes for the members to consider.
Program Vice President: Laura Rumbley praised the Wilmington Branch
for their hard work on the convention. She has been planning the
Leadership Conference and Summer Board meeting.
Membership Vice President: Sue Metz reported that as of Feb. 1 we
have 1380 members according to the Association Report. We had 1507
members last year. This is an 8.4% decline in membership.
Mary Peterson asked how Twin Rivers Branch was listed on the
800-telephone number. Sue explained that there is a general message
about AAUW and answering message. The caller is called and given
specific information.
Diane Caldwell commented that to retain members, dues might be paid
on a quarterly basis. The Counterparts Session the next afternoon was
suggested as a good time to dialogue about ways to retain members.

Committee Reports:
Bylaws Chair, Alice Lanier, reported that four bylaws changes are
scheduled at the National Convention. These changes are listed in the
Outlook Magazine. The changes will not affect state and branch bylaws.
Diversity Chair, Diane Caldwell, explained that she would meet with
Branch Diversity Chairs the next afternoon. She asked if any changes had
been made and where this organization is going with diversity. She would
make recommendations after meeting with others.
Educational Foundation Chair, Claudia Rose, stated that the silent
auction would be set up the next day and bidding would close at the
International Affairs Chair, Shirley Quisenberry, said that
her report was covered in the Outlook Magazine. The IFUW convention will
be in Ottawa. She encouraged members to attend. She encouraged members
to establish International Affairs study groups in the branches.
Fellows Liaison Chair, Amelia Mitchell, described her
position. She had contacted all fellows to inform them of her desire to
be of service to them in regards to AAUW.
Educational Equity Chair, Allene Poe, reported that the Woman-to-Woman
Dialogues were encouraging and stimulating conversations among women to
help bridge racial and cultural differences. Every branch should have a
copy of Choices for a Changing World, an AAUW publication.
LAF Chair, Marleen Hansen, said that there had been a 60% increase in
the amount given for LAF. Chapel Hill had a successful drive for funds.
The newest publication is A License for Bias, Sex Discrimination,
Schools, and Title IX. Three videos about different LAF cases would be
available for viewing.
Public Policy, State Issues Chair, Mary Peterson, stated that her
committee would have a resolution against the appointment of the
lieutenant governor by the party because it would keep the voters from
having a voice in the government. The workshop the next day would be
concerned with positioning for political appointments to get women on
boards and commissions.
Public Policy, Federal Issues Chair, Bobbye Williams, summarized
the items to be discussed the following day in the workshop including
managed care, patients bill of rights, hate crimes prevention,
reproductive choice, social security and Medicare reform, judicial
nominations, and education. Election reform was discussed. Redistricting
is a big concern in NC.
Cluster Coordinator, Virginia Palmer, reported on the cluster meetings.
Sand hills Triangle Cluster met in Sept. Their program was on The Care
of the Aging in NC. In Oct. the Foothills Cluster heard a talk on Voting
and Election Concerns by Mary Peterson. The Mountain Cluster met at the
Cedars in Hendersonville. Their program was The Arts, Mirror or Mentor
of Society. Christina Van Orr, Eleanor Roosevelt teaching fellow, was
speaker at the Triad Cluster meeting in Greensboro in Dec. Women
Shattering the Glass Ceiling was the program for the Southeast Cluster
in Feb. Margery Starns is a new member from the Northeast Cluster on the
Cluster Committee.
Five Star Chair, Mary Fran Schickedantz, said she would talk with
members about visibility and community action to report for the State
Five Star application. Her workshop would be on Disability.
Historian, Clara Allen, thanked the members for contributing to the
State History. She shared some words from the Code of Ethics for
Volunteers from the 60’s. The history is twice as long as the old
history published in 1945. She asked for ideas about publishing the
history and suggested a soft cover and small size. Selling 400 copies
for $10 each would cover the cost of publication. She suggested that the
Summer Board make decisions about size, number, cost and distribution.
Housing Chair, Gelene Lineberger, announced that the Summer Board
meeting and Leadership Conference would be at held at Hendersonville on
July 20-21 at Blue Ridge Community College. The Alamance Branch will be
the hostess for the Fall Board on Oct. 6 at the Ramada Inn in
Burlington. Next year’s convention will be in Greensboro. She had 100
AAUW/NC pins to sell.
Nominating Committee member, Mary Fran Schickedantz, reported for
Pauline Joos. Members of the committee were Doris Bernlohr, Kathleen
Eller, Pauline Joos, Mary Fran Schickedantz, and Bernie Carpenter. The
Nominees were Laura Rumbley, President-elect, one year and President two
years; Grace Knechtel, Program Vice President; and Bobbie Edmisten,
Treasurer. Mary Fran moved that the board accept the slate. The motion
Resolutions Chair, Elizabeth Laney, proposed that the resolution on
opposition to appointed lieutenant governors that would be presented in
the business meeting of the convention be discussed at that time.
Tar Heel News Chair, Marty Folsom, asked that members submit copy for
the newsletter by the deadline. Virginia Palmer will be proofreading the
copy. The next deadline is May 8.
Computer Technology Chair, Nancy Shoemaker, said there are now 110
subscribers to the AAUW/NC list.
President Pribble introduced the new College/University Representative,
Phyllis Doster from Raleigh

New Business:

Beth Norris was introduced. She is presently
serving as secretary of the Educational Foundation Board.
Nancy Shoemaker, President of the Raleigh/Wake County
Branch, read the following motion: Raleigh/Wake County with the support
of Franklin County moves that AAUW/NC support the conversion of the Beth
Norris Named Unit (#1857) to the Elizabeth (Beth) Norris Research and
Projects Endowment and encourage branches to contribute to the fund to
bring it to stipend producing level. Ronnie Williams said she would ask
the members of the South Atlantic Region to contribute. The motion
Lee Laidlaw outlined the out of state recipients of the Tar Heel News.
She moved that we send the Tar Heel News to only NC college
institutions, presidents and libraries, State AAUW Presidents, State
Public Policy Chairs, and State Newsletter Editors in the South Atlantic
Region, all Members at Large, Branch members, and members of the
National Association Board. After discussion about who should receive
issues, what is required, and the savings with a reduction in numbers
printed, the motion was tabled until these questions could be answered.

Mary Jo asked the members to help her fill positions by suggesting
names of competent members. Marleen Hansen, chair of the Legal Advocacy
Fund, will need to have her position filled when Marleen Hansen leaves
the state soon.
Sue Metz moved that we purchase ad space in the national convention
program to announce our 75th anniversary. The cost would be $120. The
motion was amended to purchase ad space if the cost is raised at this
convention. The motion carried. Mary Peterson volunteered to present the
idea and collect the money at the convention business meeting.
The reading committee for the minutes was appointed, consisting of
Pauline Joos, Kathleen Mitchell, and Lill Van Order.

Sibyl Lange announced that charter member, Louise Randel, of the
Hendersonville Branch, had recently celebrated her one hundred and fifth
birthday. Kathleen Eller was also congratulated for celebrating her
eighty-ninth birthday.
Catrelia Hunter announced that the Salisbury Branch celebrated its
fiftieth anniversary.
Doris Bernlohr said the Chapel Hill Branch is sponsoring a Transitions
Conference in conjunction with Central Carolina Community College in
Chatham County. It is the first time the branch had had a project in
Chatham County.
Clara Allen joined a seven member Study Group on the Care of the Aging
in the Chapel Hill Branch. They have read and studied the problem
extensively. There is a shortage of personnel and caring. She urged the
branches to become vehicle of action. She offered material and
information to anyone who was interested.
Nancy Shoemaker offered to meet with anyone who needed information
about technology.
Phyllis Doster asked for the names of College/University
Representatives at the branch level.
Lee Laidlaw told members that she had lists of all branch officers for
the Counterparts Session.
Laura Rumbley asked that evaluation forms be filled out and
returned for future planning.
There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.

Pat Abell, Secretary

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