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At the July 23, 2004 board meeting, the following motion was passed:

AAUW NC will establish an AAUW NC 100 Club where membership is available to those who have given 100 hours to AAUW at any level or $100 to AAUW NC in calendar year 2004; club members will be recognized at the ... state convention.

The rationale for that motion was based both on the need for AAUW NC to do a better job of fundraising as well as the ReConnection Goal V (identify expertise in the branches) and the desire to celebrate those who devote so much of their time to advancing the AAUW mission. This program was formalized as an AAUW NC policy in the fall of 2004 and is continuing to the current year.


In 2007, we made it even easier to join. Simply go to www.cafepress.com/aauwnc and pick one of the 100 Club items (each costing at least $100) for sale. Your order will automatically enter you in the 100 club for that year, and you get to enjoy a token of AAUW NC's appreciation for your gift.

Nuts and Bolts

The process to implement this includes four different forms, but it's really not that complicated. The four forms are

  1. The donation form. If you have any trouble with that form, just send the treasurer your name, address, phone number, e-mail, and branch along with your check. You may also include the name and contact information of someone you wish to honor with your gift. (PDF version)

  2. The form to document a contribution of time. This is the only other form that the average member will be concerned with. It asks for how much time was spent in branch, state and national/regional meetings (with a cap of 20 hours/year in each of those categories) and then the amount of time in other "projects," with some info about the other projects. The member gets the form signed by someone who can "vouch" for them and then sends it to their branch president or directly to the state president or her designee. (PDF version)

  3. The form for "complicated" donations of money. The only ones who should be concerned with this are state board members who choose to "return" expense reimbursements to the state and those who donate airline miles or hotel points. This allows folks to combine, say, unreimbursed expenses with cash contributions to reach the $100 level. This form goes to the Treasurer. Note that the new reimbursement form has a spot to document the donation. (PDF version)

  4. A form branches can use to document the work of a group. We all know that once a project is "done," some folks will just not go back to it, even to complete a simple form. This form allows the branch president to recognize a person or group who put in a large effort. On the other hand, the branch may ask that anyone who thinks s/he qualifies for the 100 club turn in one of the forms (2) or (3) to the branch president. Then the branch can use this fourth form as a summary and can predict how many of its members will be recognized at Convention. (PDF version)


  • All contributions of time need to be made during the calendar year. Branch presidents are asked to ensure that the forms are returned (to the state president) six weeks before convention.
  • Those joining the 100 Club with cash donations are asked to make their contributions during the calendar year. In practice, though, we'll recognize you at convention if we get your check before the program is printed.

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