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Notes from Providence


NC Delegation

L to R: Virginia Palmer (Statesville), Lill Van Order (Wilmington),
Nancy Shoemaker (Raleigh/Wake County), Bobbie Edmisten (Statesville),
Laura Rumbley (Jacksonville Regional), Millie Hoffler-Foushee (Greensboro),
Janet Weber (Raleigh/Wake County), Mary Peterson (Twin Rivers/New Bern),
Linda Sarkis (Greensboro), Mary Fran Schickedantz (Greensboro),
Lola Jackson (Greensboro), Barbara Ann Hughes (Raleigh/Wake County),
Mary Jo Pribble (Hendersonville), Doris Bernlohr (Chapel Hill),
Beth Norris (Franklin County), Shirley Quisenberry (Asheville),
Gloria Blanton (Raleigh/Wake County). Missing: Sandra Abromitis (Asheville)
and Leslie Syron (Raleigh/Wake County)

We sat together in the plenary sessions, and then split up for the workshops, forums and briefings. See below for who attended what if you have a particular interest --or bring your questions to the Jacksonville meeting on July 12.

Special Notes

Check the Convention Dailies at www.aauw.org - Convention Dailies

AAUW NC has ordered the video tape of the Title IX plenary and audio tapes of the workshops listed in bold below. Contact Mary Peterson for details.


The opening session, business session 1 with speeches from the candidates, and the AAUW NC caucus. Laura and Doris attended the cross-corporate state leaders meeting in the morning.



The Title IX plenary was great! A video tape of this is available and we'll try to coordinate purchase of this to make available for those who weren't there.

AAUW NC members attended special sessions and workshops as follows (and this list may be missing a few):

Special Session: Women in Charge on the Global Front
Laura, Mary Jo
SA2 Sex Discrimination in Debate
SA6 Strategy, Leadership, Change, and the Use of Self-Directed Management Teams
SA8 What every woman should know about women's health
Bobbie, Beth N.
SA9 Help Wanted: Building the Pipeline and Engaging Women in IT Careers
Sandra A. (1st half), Janet W.
SA10 Mentoring for Women's Leadership: A replicable model
Lola, Mary P, Sandra A. (2nd half)
SA11 An introduction to asset allocation
SA12 Using Technology to advance your branch and maximize your time
SA13 Local, State and National Advocacy -- AAUW Style
Barbara Ann, Gloria

The SAR regional meeting was an opportunity to share successes over the year and introduce new regional director Ann Terry. AAUW NC took the lead in producing an afghan and pillow to thank Ronnie Williams for her four years of service as AAUW South Atlantic Regional Director. View the card and see the pictures.

There were forums with Q&A on the membership bylaws changes (removing the bachelor's degree requirement; admitting businesses) and the dues increase as well as special interest groups and caucuses. The notes for the membership best practices may be available on the www.aauw.org bulletin boards.



The bylaws amendments changing the eligibility requirements for membership were voted down. For the next two years membership will require a baccalaureate or higher degree. The proposed change to establish a "business/organization" category of membership also failed. See the Convention Daily for details.

There was a full session of special interest groups, briefings and workshops. Here's a list of those attended by NC delegates:

Program VPs and the PDC
Hysterectomies: Before, After and Alternatives
Mary Fran has the books
SU1 Women in Politics
Barbara Ann, Millie
SU2 Enabling Institutional Change
SU3 A Painless and Fail-Proof Guide to Strategic Planning
SU4 Balancing Work and Life
SU5 Live the Mission, Transform the Organization
Doris, Mary Fran
SU6 Women and Social Security
Gloria, Virginia, Bobbie
SU7 The young and not so restless
Linda (2nd half)
SU9 High-Touch Leadership in a High-Tech World
Nancy, Linda (1st half)
SU11 Highlights from 2002 international symposium on global gender equity
Mary Jo, Barbara Ann, Shirley
SU12 Running a student leaders conference
Laura, Mary, Lill, Sandra
SU14 Harassment-free hallways resource guide
SU15 Open world 2003: Russian Leadership Program
SU16 Plug in your conferences: Using technology from start to finish
Mary Jo, Mary Fran (end)
SU17 Why are you giving your money away?
Nancy, Janet
SU19 Legal case support from A-Z
Sandra, Lill

The LAF banquet had not one, but two, dynamic speakers Bari-Ellen Roberts and Graciela Chichilnisky.


At the business session, the body accepted the automatic $2/year dues increase, but added a provision that means it will need to be reconsidered in 2009. The public policy program passed after the body inserted changes to emphasize the importance of availability of health care and full access to civil rights. The session ended with a celebration of the branch/state successes highlighted in the 21st Century Recognition Program:

North Carolina (Gold)
Platinum: Brevard, Raleigh/Wake County, Winston-Salem
Gold: Greensboro, Hendersonville, Statesville
Bronze: Jacksonville Regional

Workshops included:

M2 Leading the way: Tech Savvy Girls Video Project
M4 Shaping the Future with Four Generations
Mary Jo, Nancy, Janet
M5 The AAUW College/University partnership program
Mary Fran
M7 Leadership and organizational change

The Convention was capped with Gloria Steinem's speech at the Foundation Night banquet! She got a big cheer when she noted that the Supreme Court had celebrated our Convention with their decision on affirmative action.


Bring your questions to the Jacksonville meeting!


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