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 Vol. 50, No. 1
"Speak to the Mission"
Winter 2003



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Leaders Make A Difference at All Levels

Ann S. Terry
AAUW South Atlantic Regional Director

As I sit down to compose an article for this issue of the Tar Heel News, I am reflecting on my recent participation in the North Carolina AAUW Board Meeting. It was an inspiring experience for me as your regional director. The meeting certainly gave me the chance to meet more of your state leaders, but it also provided me with an awareness of the strong commitment and enthusiasm of those AAUW members who have taken leadership roles in your state.

From reports on projects and committee work to plans for your state convention, leaders showed how they are working on AAUW's mission of making a difference for women and girls. I was so excited to hear about the efforts to continue N.C.'s strategy to re-connect with branches and members, and to hear about projects that are impacting your communities as well as your branches.

I hope that you will take the same pride that I do in the leaders of your state AAUW. They are awesome women doing awesome work. Support them with your energy, your time, your talent, and your caring.

Now on to some news of the Association and the South Atlantic Region. My complete report to the AAUW of NC is posted on your state web site, but I would like to highlight a few items for your special attention.

At its summer retreat the Association Board of Directors, on which I am privileged to serve, adopted several goals for its work this year: leadership development, ensuring diversity in leadership and that new leaders are being fostered at all levels in organization; membership, working to find new populations while ensuring retention and relevant programming; communication, ensuring that leaders have the information needed to do their work by strong use of technology and the AAUW web site; financial awareness, stability and focus, ensuring the wisest use of available resources, and successful Board restructuring, as Association leaders work to streamline operations while having an informed leadership throughout the organization.

In order to reach these goals, the Board has three working groups to implement programs and projects related to these goals: support for states and branches, Association committee appointments process, and leadership and diversity.
The AAUW web site has been totally revamped. It is now much easier to navigate, updated constantly, and full of information to help leaders and members at all levels. Make it a regular site to check out, and try it when you need to make membership changes, find forms, or other information - www.aauw.org.

Be sure your branch gets copies of the new membership brochures produced by AAUW. They look good and are great tools for attracting new members to your branch.

Just as at the Association, states in the South Atlantic Region are struggling with issues like membership retention and recruitment, leadership development, training and nurturing of future leaders, support for current leaders, informed leadership, effective communications to all members and leaders, and programs that reflect AAUW's mission. North Carolina AAUW is certainly working hard to address many of these issues, and I will be working with all the states of SAR to make a difference in these areas as well.

I hope that you have marked your calendar for the South Atlantic/Southeast Central Regional Conference, which will be held June 11-13, 2004, at the brand-new Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center. Tentative program plans include opening night program with women authors from the Southeast, programs on public policy, Educational Foundation and Legal Advocacy Fund, and leadership development workshop on Sunday. One highlight of the conference will be the participation of top female student athletes from universities in both regions. They will participate in programs with other conference attendees and be recognized in a special program on Saturday. There will be an opportunity for state EF sales, and for dinner and networking on Saturday night. The proposed conference rate is $125, which includes all materials, extensive breakfast buffet and lunch on Saturday. Spacious rooms with two queen beds will be $119 + tax and can house up to four. As details of the conference develop, they will be posted on the Conference web site - www.onedomain.com/AAUW - which is linked directly to the NC web site, too. Watch for details as they develop.

As I travel to other leadership meetings of SAR states in the coming weeks, I will carry with me the great ideas and inspiration I found with North Carolina AAUW leaders. I appreciate all you do, whether you be a leader or a member, and can never thank you enough for caring about AAUW and its mission.



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