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 Vol. 50, No. 1
"Speak to the Mission"
Winter 2003



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LAF Contributions Due by Early December

Lillian Van Order

  • LAF works on a calendar year. We would love to come closer to our goal of all branches contributing. According to my records, only four branches have not contributed. Remember, it is important to contribute, no matter what the amount, but we hope that we can get 100% contribution from the branches. All it takes is a $5 contribution from each member or the equivalent. Please send your contributions to me by December 10 so I can submit them to the Legal Advocacy Fund in Washington, D.C. before the close of the year.
  • We have applied for a travel grant for a plaintiff to speak at the convention and hope that it transpires. Last year was such a wonderful event that we hope to do it again. This was an inspiring fund-raiser that makes us all aware of the need for LAF.
  • One branch has already used the wonderful resource of the LAF video library; perhaps others would like to do so. Some of the newest videos are from the recent convention in Providence. At press time, the newest ones were not listed on the web site, however, if you call the LAF office, 202.785.7750, they will be happy to send them to you. These new ones are Bari-Ellen Roberts vs. Texaco in a class action lawsuit; Ms. Roberts is the 2003 LAF Speaking Out for Justice Award recipient. Another video is LAF Plaintiff Chichilnsky vs. Columbia University, and the third is a combination of the previous two. You can get these and other cases from the web site, or simply e-mail LAF at laf@aauw.org. They ask for a two-week lead time. If you need help with this, please give me a call or e-mail me and I will be happy to help. This is an excellent way for your branch to learn about the important work that LAF is doing.
  • Did you know that LAF receives inquiries about sex discrimination in higher education? The top four circumstances for calling are sexual harassment (26%), tenure denial (12%), wrongful termination from employment (12%), and disparate treatment/hostile work environment (9%). The types of institutions are four-year institution (60%), secondary schools (15%), medical schools (13%), and community colleges/two year institutions (9%). The states with the most complaints are California (10%), Texas (9%), New York (8%), and Illinois with (7%). These figures are from the Fall 2003 issue of Legal Advocacy Fund Update, Speaking Out for Justice in Higher Education, on page four.

As we can all see, our money is at work advising, supporting, and educating people about the needs for justice in higher education.


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