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 Vol. 50, No. 1
"Speak to the Mission"
Winter 2003



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AAUW Support of United Nations Aids Women and Girls

Shirley Quisenberry
AAUW NC International Chair

AAUW has been supportive of the United Nations since the beginning and nothing in our public policy actions calls for a change. Now is a critical time for us to reactivate our UN knowledge and support. Kofi Annan has said that the United Nations has suffered collateral damage from the push toward Iraq. And this was even before the terrible personal damage to UN personnel and programs in August. The Secretary-General concluded a recent speech by stating, "The United Nations is at a turning point, one which may be as decisive as the very establishment of the UN in 1945."

We need to reactivate our study groups and programs to include information about and legislative action in support of a proper United States role in the United Nations. Over the years, AAUW has been working for better lives for women and girls (and families) through UN agencies. These are all integral parts of the United Nations system. We must not lose them now.

There are several web sites available to help you. www.unausa.org is one and www.unifem.undp.org is another.



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