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 Vol. 50, No. 1
"Speak to the Mission"
Winter 2003



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Educational Foundation

Mary Jo Pribble
AAUW NC Educational Foundation Chair

Panelists Available for Programs

The following message came to us from Mary Ellen Smyth by way of Ann Terry, SAR Director and Laura Rumbley. Only one of the potential speakers resides in North Carolina. This reminds us that AAUW NC members should apply to serve on EF panels. More information on the process will be made available.

Message from EF President Mary Ellen Smyth
September 16, 2003
I am pleased to report a new venture for the Educational Foundation. The individuals who make up our various selection panels for our fellowships and grants have agreed to speak to branches and/or states. This is a first for us, and I hope you share my enthusiasm in having yet another resource to call upon. These individuals are all experts and professionals in their respective fields and have a unique perspective on the Foundation and our awards process.

In order to make identification a bit easier, I've grouped the individuals' names according to region. Following the name, you'll see the town or city in which they reside and the panel on which they serve, identified as follows: A- American Fellowships; I - International Fellowships; SP - Selected Professions; ER - Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships; and for Research & Projects (R&P) grants, CD - Career Development; and CA - Community Action. You can then find further information - phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc., rather easily in the Leadership Directory, which all AAUW Boards, committee members, and state presidents will receive shortly.

A panelist is not obligated to speak to any group, but they have indicated a willingness to do so, depending, of course, on their own schedules. An individual may agree to speak to a branch in their own or nearby community. States may wish to schedule a speaker for a state meeting or convention, even a regional gathering. One word of caution: some individuals are new to their panel and may prefer to delay speaking until next spring, after they have been through the process at least once. They will certainly let you know that when you connect with them.

The Foundation does not pay expenses for these individuals to speak Any arrangements for travel reimbursement, etc., if necessary, must be made by the branch and/or state. Nor do they expect any fee for speaking. If you wish to offer an honorarium, we would appreciate it if you would send that to the Foundation, but that is entirely up to the group involved.

(FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, WV, PR)
M. Chantale Damas - Arlington VA - A
Aurora Morcillo - Miama FL - A
Sheila Gregory - Atlanta GA - I
Kuppuswamy Jayaraman (Jay) - Savannah GA - I
Gail Derrick - Chesapeake VA - ER
Jeannine S. Tate - Alexandria VA - ER
Patricia Windham - Tallahassee FL - CD
Deborah Foreman - Alexandria VA - CD
Kathryn Richardson - Falls Church VA - CD
Gita Gulati-Partee - Durham NC - CA
Valerie Hassett - Alexandria VA - SP
Nancy G. Love - Blacksburg VA - SP
Eunice e. Santos - Blacksburg VA - SP

Note from Mary Jo Pribble
Gita Gulati-Partee - Durham NC - CA is among the available speakers listed.
Nancy Shoemaker tells us Gita Gulati-Partee has been until recently program director of the N.C. Center for Nonprofits - www.ncnonprofits.org - and is now working as a consultant to the non-profit sector. "She would, I think, be an excellent person to talk about the Community Action grant process. She is an AAUW member-at-large."
Barbara Ann Hughes has informed us Gita is a member of the Women's Forum and has set up her own business.

2003-2004 EF Fellows Introduced

October 7-In March, after receiving nearly 2,500 requests for 2003-2004 support, the Educational Foundation directors approved 195 fellowships, grants, and scholar-in-residence awards totalling $3.4 million:

  • 77 American Fellowships to women scholars writing their disserations and conducting postdoctoral research
  • 18 Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships to support educational opportunities for girls, professional development for teachers, and advancement of gender equity int he classroom, school, or district
  • 58 International Fellowships to women from a broad range of countries for one year of graduate or post-graduate study in the United States. Four Home Project Grants were also awarded to Internatioanl Fellowship recipients to support community-based projects in the fellows' home countries in the year immediately following the fellowship.
  • 34 Selected Professional Fellowships to women in science/technical disciplines and professions that have traditionally been male-dominated. 3 Special Awards including the Recognition Award for Emerging Scholars, the Annie Jump Cannon Award in Astronomy, and the AAUW Achievement Award.

The final number of recipients may vary slightly due to declination and redistribution to alternates.

This record amount of funding for women scholars, teachers, and community activists was made possible by the generous and continued support of AAUW members.

AAUW NC can be very pleased that we have seven American Fellows and two International Fellows in North Carolina for the 2003-2004 year. I encourage the branches to contact the fellows in their areas to welcome them.

Contact Amelia Mitchell, Fellows Liaison, 828.304.4669, mitchlibsci@yahoo.com, to invite them to speak to your branch.

American Fellowships

Lisa S. Chensvold, UNC-Chapel Hill
Ph.D. Music History, Musicology, Theory

Amy Cooke, UNC-Chapel Hill
Ph.D. Curriculum in Ecology

Marie E. Matta, Duke University
Ph.D. Business Management, Other

Ann M. Cox, Davidson College
Postgraduate American Language/Literature

Laurel A. Goj, Duke University
Ph.D. Chemistry

Julie Mell, UNC-Chapel Hill
Ph.D. Religion

Laura C. Pierce, Claremont Graduate School
Ph.D. Library Science
Durham resident

International Fellowships

Sudeshna Chatterjee, NCSU
Ph.D. Architecture/Enviromental Design

Zeynep Toker, NCSU
Ph.D. Architecture/Enviromental Design

Fellowship, Grant Applications Due

As one of the largest sources of funding in the world exclusively for graduate women, the AAUW Educational Foundation gave $3.4 million in grants, fellowships, and awards in 2003-2004.

Deadlines for 2004-2005 fellowships and grants are coming up, beginning November 15. See http://www.aauw.org/fga/fellowships_grants/index.cfm for more information.

The 2004-2005 Fellowship and Grants booklet is now available. The web site has information on ordering it and fliers on the different programs.

Criteria and nomination procedures for the awards that the Foundation presents (e.g. the AAUW Achievement Award that was presented to Gloria Steinem in June) are also available at http://www.aauw.org/ef/specialawards.cfm

EF Equity Library

Did you know the AAUW Educational Foundation research is distributed through Shop AAUW? E-mail info@aauw.org, call 800.225.9998, or check www.aauw.org

Copies are also sent to branches and can usually be borrowed by contacting the President or the Educational Foundation Chair. Branches have donated many copies of these reports to the public libraries as well as educators and others working on these issues.

N.C. Support Needed to Fund Incomplete Fellowship Fund, Research and Projects Grant

A endowed American Fellowship honoring Ann Chipley was established by the Association, following her death in 1996. Ann had been an active member of the Rocky Mount Branch serving on various committees and as branch president. She is remembered by many AAUW NC members as AAUW NC President in 1980-82. She served the Association as Director of the Program and Policy Department and at the time of her death, she was Legislative Director of AAUW. The Fellowship now has $32,543 and needs to reach $100,000 in order to fund an American Fellowship.

Branches are encouraged to designate some of their contributions to this Fellowship. The designation code for the Chipley Fellowship (which must be included on the Contribution Report Form) is 4051.

The Charlotte Branch has recently established a Research and Projects Grant. It needs contributions to reach $35,000 to fund a Research and Projects Grant Community Action or Career Development Grant. The designation code for the Charlotte Branch Grant is 1492.

Amounts designated for particular funds are, of course, credited to the branch which makes the contribution.

Resource Available:

Branches planning programs based on the new Educational Foundation report find this resource useful. Jennifer L. Bumgarner, Executive Director, N.C. Alliance for Economic Justice, called it to our attention.

The Winds of Change Foundation recently released a report on women's economic status and participation in the U.S. It is called Women and the Economy: Mapping a Field, and is available at http://www.windsofchange.org. More than 450 organizations and 60 individuals were interviewed. It is a great resource for anyone doing work on women's economic status.


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