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 Vol. 50, No. 1
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Winter 2003



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Board Addresses Business, Approves Proposals

Proposals Approved at Fall Meeting

  • The Bylaws committee approved the reformatting of the Bylaws and this new version is now posted in the Documents area of the web site. It will be used for any further changes to the Bylaws. The motions relating to the reformatted AAUW NC Policy Statement passed. The new format is easier to read and permits faster referencing. Thanks to Nancy Shoemaker for her efforts. It is available at www.aauwnc.org
  • The proposal presented at the July 11 meeting by Millie Hoffler-Foushee, treasurer, on behalf of the finance committee, was approved October 11. The purpose is to reduce expenditures. The specific change is to VIII.E.1 from

    Reimbursement for approved mileage for elected and appointed officers and chairs shall be $.25/mile.


    Reimbursement for approved mileage for elected and appointed officers and chairs shall be $.25/mile where the approved mileage will be the round trip mileage minus the first 50 miles.

ReConnection Process

For 18 months, the AAUW NC ReConnection Committee has worked to develop closer ties between the branches and the state. Addressing the six goals is an ongoing process. Goals IV and VI were discussed during the Board meeting.

  • Goal IV (Face-to-face): The AAUW NC ambassadors have received packets, including a tutorial, handouts, and a PowerPoint presentation. Each cluster has one or two ambassadors, who will visit each branch in her cluster during the next few months. Ambassadors are Mary Jo Pribble, Mary Fran Schickedantz, Mary Peterson, Nancy Shoemaker, Doris Bernlohr, Bobbie Edmisten, Pat Abell, and Marty Folsom.
  • Goal IV (Face-to-face): Will take the lead in developing a state-level recognition program for branches and make a proposal at the Spring 2004 board meeting.
  • Goal VI (Changes to Structure): A motion was approved, with recommendations to be reported at the 2005 Convention:

    Move that the state AAUW Board establish an ad hoc committee of at least five AAUW members and charge that committee with studying the advantages and disadvantages of making these proposed changes to the state NC structure:

    a) reducing the size of the Board by

    1. eliminating the requirement that branch presidents serve on the Board
    2. reducing the number of standing committees represented on the Board
    3. introducing new structures/procedures to ensure that branch and committee interests are represented on the state board and/or
    4. revising the structure of the state Board in any other way that maximizes its potential to meet its mission at the state and branch level

    b) creating a statewide "branch" or some other form of a host branch to increase AAUW membership in communities unserved by local branches.

Other Business

  • The board approved allocating $300 of AAUW NC funds to the student leadership conference to be held the Friday of the AAUW NC Convention in Charlotte.
  • Funds from the disbanded Tarboro branch were received. A motion was made to apply any of those funds not designated for other purposes (such as EF) to the dues of former Tarboro members who wish to join as MALs or members of the N.C. On-line Satellite, and then to use the remaining money to fund the 2004 AAUW NC Student Leadership Conference, with appropriate thanks to Tarboro.
  • The board discussed its continued support of the Costa Rica IFUW Membership.
  • Joan Robertson offered to store extra copies of the AAUW History. New orders should still be directed to Clara Allen.
  • The reimbursement request form is now in the Documents section of the web site.

AAUW NC History

Published as part of the 75th AAUW NC Anniversary in 2002, this book is full of information about North Carolina women who have worked hard to achieve equity and lifelong education for women and girls. Members will find answers to an array of questions concerning the state organization. Present a copy to your local libraries, colleges, and universities. Order from Clara Allen. Send $17 each to 442 Crossvine Close, Fearrington, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Price includes shipping.


Do you have trouble finding AAUW NC on the web? Well things just got easier. The address www.aauwnc.org now takes you straight to the AAUW NC home page. The Executive Committee and other key board members have "aauwnc.org" e-mail addresses. For instance you can use the address president@aauwnc.org to reach Laura, and program@aauwnc.org will reach the program vice president. Additional addresses (e.g. yourbranch@aauwnc.org) can be added quickly. This address also makes possible simpler website addresses for the branches: Raleigh/Wake County has started using rwc.aauwnc.org. Check with webmaster@aauwnc.org about how this can help your branch and see www.aauwnc.org/00About/Technology/domain.htm for more information.

On-Line Satellite Holds Chat Session

Branch presidents and other interested members are invited to participate in an administrative online meeting on November 11 at 8 p.m., for the beginning of a new online discussion. Judy Atkinson, Winston-Salem Branch president, issued the invitation.

The theme of the project is Educating a Culturally Diverse Mind, with Lara Lee as lead presenter.
If you receive this issue of Tar Heel News in time, the chat room is located at http://rtpnet.org/aauwnc/00About/Technology/Chats.htm.
Click "About" button at the top, click "Technology" link from the left hand column-under AAUW NC, Click "Chats" link from the left hand column. If you have questions, contact Nancy Shoemaker, shoemaker@acm.org

Foothills Cluster Meeting

The Foothills Cluster will focus on the AAUW NC 2002-2004 theme, No Girl Left Behind, Enhancing A Girl's Life, during its meeting on Saturday, November 15.

Speakers include recent EF Fellow Magdalena Maiz-Pena; the only woman shop instructor (machining technology coordinator) in the community college system, Sharon Rouse; and Kelley Turner Goins, who is assistant project manager with Wake Forest University Health Sciences.

Time is planned for branch sharing and
updates from the Association and AAUW NC
Registration is from 9:30-10 a.m. at Kirkman House, Mitchell Community College, in Statesville. The program begins at 10 a.m. and ends at 2 p.m., with a break for lunch. Cost is
$10 (includes snacks, coffee and juice in the morning and lunch)

2004-2006 Nominations Process Begins

AAUW NC will elect a membership vice-president and secretary for the 2004-2006 terms during Convention 2004 in Charlotte. These offices are now open for nominations.

This process begins with the Nominations Committee. Members are appointed each year at convention, one from each of five clusters. They serve for one year.

Criteria is set forth in AAUW NC By-Laws Articles VII Officers, VIII Duties, IX Elected Offices: President, President-Elect, Program and Membership Vice-Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary. All other board positions are appointed. Other information is in By-Laws Articles X Board of Directors, XI Executive Committee, XII Committees, XIII State Meetings.

An important goal of the AAUW NC ReConnection Committee is to encourage participation by more branches on the State Board, in addition to automatic membership of branch presidents.

If you or someone you know is interested in serving an elected or appointed position, please contact the president or nominating committee.

Jeanne Harrington, Chapel Hill Branch, is Nominations Committee chair. She can be reached at 919.542.6956.

Other members of the
Nominating Committee are:
Sandra Abromitis, Asheville Branch
828.686.8281 H, 828.686.7154 fax
828.280.4861 cell, abromitis@msn.com

Delilah Donaldson, Raleigh Branch
919.787.5298 evening, 919.560.4107 day

Lola Jackson, Greensboro Branch
336.644.6011 evening, 336.334.7522 day

Phyllis Guberman, Wilmington Branch
910.395.8427, jpguber@bellsouth.net

Convention Video, Audio Available

If you missed the AAUW 2003 Convention in Providence or you went and want to know more about one of the sessions, video and audio tapes for parts of the convention are now available at http://www.aauw.org/convention/wicaudiovideo.cfm

Mary Peterson, AAUW NC program vice-president, purchased the videotape of Title IX Plenary, as well as audio cassette tapes:

  • What Every Woman Should Know About Women's Health
  • Using Technology to Advance Your Branch
  • Highlights of the 2002 International Symposium
  • Harassment-Free Hallways

Ask Mary about these materials to help spread the word.

Cluster Coordinator Named

Joan H. Robertson has returned to the AAUW NC board. She was recently appointed as cluster coordinator. Clusters form an important link between the state and branches, as well as providing excellent networking opportunities.

Joan joined Raleigh/Wake County Branch when she moved to North Carolina in 1986 and took an active role, filling just about every office, including four years as treasurer, three as president, one each as membership vice-president, program vice-president, secretary, and newsletter editor. She served AAUW NC as recording secretary when Sandra Champion was president. A retired educator, Joan taught kindergarten through second grade for 15 years, then earned her Ed.D. and taught at the college level for 10 years, finishing her career at N.C. Central in Durham in the Education Dept., where she supervised student teachers.

She can be reached at 5441 Blue Sage Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606; joanhsrp@aol.com or 919.836.8443 or 919.836.8971 fax.

Notes, Corrections & Additions

These are corrections for the board information posted in the Fall Tar Heel News:

Lola Jackson, College/University Rep
E-mail: Lvjj21@aol.com

Joanne Hill, AAUW NC President-Elect
2262 White Oak River Road
Maysville NC 28555
910.743-9996 Home
910.451.7596 Work

Mildred Hoffler-Foushee
E-mail: millieh@triad.rr.com

On the back page of the Fall Tar Heel News, please correct:

Laura Rumbley, AAUW NC President
E-mail: rumbley@earthlink.net

Important Dates

October 25, 2003 * Mountain Cluster Meeting, Nantahala Resort, Bryson City

November 15, 2003 * Foothills Cluster Meeting
Mitchell Community College, Statesville

February 14, 2004 * Southeast Cluster Meeting

March 26-28, 2004 * AAUW NC Convention

April 24, 2004 * Sandhills/Triangle/Northeast Cluster
Gathering Place, Fearrington Village

June 11-13, 2004 * SAR/SEC Joint Reg. Meeting

August 4-10, 2004 * 28th IFUW Conference
Perth, Australia

2005 * AAUW NC Convention

June 24-27, 2005
AAUW Convention, Washington DC

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