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 Vol. 50, No. 1
"Speak to the Mission"
Winter 2003



Tar Heel News

W03 issue
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New Association Materials

AAUW branch presidents and state leaders recently received packets with new materials. Branch members are encouraged to become familiar with these items and use them.

New Brochures:

  • Membership - teal, and according to some, clearer than the old purple one
  • LAF - larger with more information
  • EF - 2004-2005 fellowships and grants
  • Public Policy - 2003-2005
  • Member Advantages - affiliate programs (non-dues revenue!)

Other items:

  • Copies of the "cross-corporate"/general brochure
  • Updated Association Charter and Bylaws with a note that says:
  • No state/branch bylaws changes are mandated this year
  • Updated Association policies

An on-line survey was available until October 15 about strategies for recruiting leaders and re-energizing branches. The 2003 Every Member Survey is also on-line and was published in the Fall 2003 AAUW in Action.

Many other tips and resources are mentioned in the four-page memo included in the packet. Most of them on the web site, so please check there under your areas of interest or ask your branch president for to review the full letter.



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