American Association of University Women NC
Spring Board Minutes
Clarion Crabtree Hotel, Raleigh, NC
April 4, 2003

President Laura Rumbley called the meeting to order, and Raleigh/Wake County Branch President Tina Ewing welcomed members. President Rumbley recognized Sylvia Newman, President, and Amy Houghton, Director, from the LAF board; LAF plaintiff, Kathy Sokol; and our Leader on Loan, Mary Ellen Smyth, President of EF. Smyth spoke briefly, bringing greetings from the Foundation. President Rumbley recognized LeRonnia Williams, SAR Director.

Secretary Pat Abell called the roll and presented the minutes. The minutes were approved. Phyllis Guberman, Wilmington; Bobbie Edmisten, Statesville; and Grace Knechtel, Raleigh/Wake County, were appointed to the Reading Committee.

Parliamentarian Lou Howard read the Rules of Order. These were adopted.

The agenda was also adopted.

President's Report - Rumley said that the Reconnection Committee worked hard getting input from all branches to help increase communication, attract new members, and make our organization more aware of what the branches want. This project will be ongoing. Doris Bernlohr and Laura Rumbley attended the Association Leadership Conference. Public Policy will be emphasized this year. Rumbley suggested that we act as a resource for community programs for girls and women through the college system, University system, summer enrichment and enhancement in secondary schools, and that we have a Leadership Conference for women at the next Convention.

Treasurer's Report Bobbie Edmisten explained the report, which was then approved.

Program Vice Chair Grace Knechtel reported that she had succeeded in obtaining outside speakers to increase interest and draw branch members to both the Summer Leadership Conference and the 2003 convention. She also noted that the top Association leaders have been with us for the past two years including Nancy Rustad, Mary Ellen Smyth, and Sylia Newman as well as the current and immediate past executive directors of the Legal Advocacy Fund, Amy Houghton and Patty McCabe.

Membership Vice Chair Sue Metz was unable to attend. Rumbley reported that a workshop called Recruiting the Branch Members of Tomorrow is available from Association.

Committee Reports

Finance Millie Hoffler-Foushee met twice with her committee to formulate the budget. Copies were distributed and explained. The budget will be short $1600. Fund raising and cost cutting measures will need to be taken to stay within this budget. To help meet the budget President Rumley suggested that committees meet by phone and print information and reports from the website to reduce duplicating expenses. She encouraged members to sell more history books.

Bylaws Sandra Champion and Rebecca Hamrick were not present.

Strategic Plan Mary Fran Schickedantz had no report, but stated that her committee will meet at Summer Leadership.

Diversity Diane Caldwell was not present.

Educational Foundation Mary Jo Pribble asked that EF contributions be sent to her in early December in order to get funds to Association by the deadline in January. The total EF contribution was $35,790.87 this year. Individual Branch amounts will be posted on the website.

International Affairs Shirley Quisenberry said that President Bush has stated that the U.S. should return to UNESCO. She requested members to ask N.C. senators to keep the UNESCO membership fee in the federal budget. Quisenberry asked members to consider attending the National Forum on the United Nations to be held in Washington, cosponsored by the United Nations Association and AAUW, June 27-28, 2003.

LAF Doris Bernlohr reported that we had raised a total of $7,791.83 for LAF. Her goal is to have every branch contribute to LAF. Nineteen out of twenty-four branches donated this year. Asheville contributed the most, and High Point gave the most per member.

College/University Representative - Lola Jackson reported that NC A&T University has joined AAUW.

President Rumbley recognized Coalition Representatives, Barbara Ann Hughes of NC Women United, and Helen Martikainen, NC Coalition on Aging.

Public Policy State Issues Barbara Ann Hughes praised Nancy Shoemaker for assisting NC Women United in building their electronic network. Hughes reported on House Bill 439, which would make women eligible for unemployment benefits even if they were a part time worker. She encouraged members to actively support this bill. She asked for a line in the budget for dues to be paid to join North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections.

Public Policy Federal Issues Mary Peterson advised members to look at the AAUW stand on affirmative action by visiting the AAUW website.

21st Century Recognition Program Claudia Rose was not present. Rumbley noted that branches would be notified by the end of April about award status for this year.

Historian Clara Allen urged members to continue to sell the history books.

Corresponding Secretary Joanne Hill's report gave the dates and places for the following events: Summer Leadership and Board Meeting, Jacksonville, NC, July 11-12; Fall Board, Sept. or Oct.; Spring Convention, Charlotte, NC, (date?).

Nominating Committee Chair Lill Van Order gave the report of the committee, which included Sandra Abromitis, Gelene Lineberger, Judythe Atkinson, and Janet Weber. The nominees were Joanne Hill, President Elect; Mildred Hoffler-Foushee, Treasurer; and Mary Peterson, Program Vice President.

Resolutions Elizabeth Laney reminded the members of the resolution made at the Fall Board and sent to Association concerning the problem with mailing labels. The Association responded with a phone call and service seems to have improved. Members will continue to monitor the mailing labels to assure there are no omissions.

Technology Nancy Shoemaker distributed the brochure of AAUW/NC s website, On the Web , which was designed by Shoemaker and printed by Multimedia.

Online Satellite Branch No report. A suggestion was made to encourage members of disbanded branches to join the Online Branch.

Tar Heel News Editor Marty Folsom announced that the deadline for submitting articles is April 28. The mail date for the newsletter is May 23, which is six weeks before the summer board meeting per bylaws.

NC Coalition on Aging Helen Martikainen was not present.

Unfinished business -

Reconnection Goals were discussed. Doris Bernlohr suggested that the deadline for goal reports be July 11 at Summer Board.

Laura Rumbley commented that six colleges were represented at the Campus Out reach and we were off to a good start.

Because the time is short between the election and the Summer Board meeting, Grace Knechtel asked the board to consider moving the Leadership Conference to the Fall Board meeting. After discussion members decided that Summer Board is the best time for Leadership Conference since new officers need training and branches need to get program ideas before the first meeting in the Fall.

Laura Rumbley outlined the Providence Convention Issues, dues increase and membership requirements. She announced the Town Hall session and opened the floor for discussion.

Mary Fran Schickedantz said that the American Chemical Society to which her husband belongs just passed the automatic yearly $2 increase of dues without much discussion. She thinks it might be a good idea. Someone asked How long? Laura said for as long as the Association deemed necessary.

Mary Peterson questioned the need for the increase.

LeRonnia Williams spoke in favor of the increase.

Lou Dean Howard asked if it would be possible to see a copy of the Association budget. Copies are available and could be put on the website.

Evelyn Mercer spoke against the increase citing the lack of local level interest in association affairs, difficulty of paying increasing dues, loss of membership, and the possibility of giving the Association a blank check to raise dues indefinitely.

One member asked if the Association had considered stabilizing the dues at a certain age limit.

Laura Rumbley read from the questions and answers sheet provided by the Association to answer some queries. She suggested discussion continue in the Hospitality Room.

Mary Jo Pribble spoke against the second issue of opening membership to members without a four-year degree. She said that changing that requirement would make a difference in the organization. She feels that the focus on research would not continue with the strength it presently has.

Phyllis Guberman said that IFUW has a requirement for a four-year degree and a change would put our organization in conflict with IFUW Bylaws.

Mary Peterson said that finding a larger membership needs to start with the large pool of new grads that are not in AAUW.

Nancy Shoemaker stated that the Association has cut the staff to the point that information is not being dispersed to the branches. Strong leadership would help differentiate between vital and unnecessary work. She asked members to support Ruth Sweetser for Director at Large on the Association Board.

Joanne Hill asked the members to consider the question of keeping the AAUW/NC toll free number and suggested that the issue be discussed in the convention business meeting later.

LeRonnia Williams won the raffle of $53. She elected to donate the money to SAR in the name of AAUW/NC.

The meeting was adjourned.

Pat Abell, Secretary

Approved: 11-Jul-2003, with correction
Last updated: 16-Jul-2003
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